Liquid waste is required to be properly treated to attain the desired norms for recycle/ reuse and discharge in to an ultimate receiving body. Wastewater treatment plant (WWTP)/Effluent Treatment Plant (ETP)/ Sewage Treatment Plant (STP) design, up-gradation and re-engineering. Customized process development solution for wastewater treatment and reuse. Resource recovery from wastewater. Designing low cost treatment of low strength wastewater

ETP/STP/WWTP Technologies ES Designs/h3>

  • We provide treatment based on Physico-chemical, Biological and advanced treatment systems such as:
  • Activated Sludge Process
  • Moving Bed Bio-film Reactor
  • Membrane Bioreactor
  • Sequential Batch Reactor
  • Electro – Coagulation
  • Electro – Oxidation
  • Soil Bio Technology (SBT)
  • Phytoremediation
  • Greywater Treatment Plant
  • RO, UF, ACF, PSF, DMF Plant
  • Softening / DM Water Plant, Desalination Plant
  • Zero Liquid Discharge “ZLD” plant (comprising with various levels of treatment (Physico-chemical, Biological and advanced systems, RO and MEE, ATFD & reuse/ recycle option) customized and facilitated for various types of industries

Pollution Control Equipment and Ancillaries Customized Supply

  • Mechanical Equipment like Stirrer, Agitators, Aerators, Clarifiers, pump etc.
  • Filtration Equipment like Activated Carbon Filter, Pressure Sand Filter, Dual Media Filter, Reverse Osmosis (RO) Ultra-filtration (UF) etc.
  • ETP Unit like Filter Nutch, Dosing Tanks, Flash Mixers, DAF, Oil Skimmers etc.
  • Evaporation /Concentration Equipment like Electrical / Steam operated Evaporators, Single Effect Evaporator (SEE), Multiple Effect Evaporator MEE, Agitated Thin Film Dryer (ATFD), Spry Dryer (SD) and Incinerators etc.

Engg. Consultancy Projects

  • We provide Consultancy work for CETP /ETP / STP Design with detailed engineering drawings; including Site visit, Specifications and vendor list for Electro-Mechanical, and Instrumentation works along with plant commissioning for assuring the desired quality of ETP / STP / CETP outlet. and submission of operation manual to ease the operating procedures on each unit.

Turnkey Projects

  • We also carry out Turnkey projects for CETP /ETP / STP which includes Site visit, Design & Preparation of detailed engineering drawings, Supply, Erection of all Electro-Mechanical, Instrumentation and Piping works, Commissioning of plant to achieve the desired output based on the design and submission of operation manual to ease the operating procedures on each unit.

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