A tiny contribution towards solid & hazardous waste management makes a vast difference for clean & green environment. Waste Management services in compliance with Hazardous Waste Management Rules, Plastic Waste Management Rules, Biomedical Waste Management Rules, E-Waste Management Rules, Solid Waste Management Rules, Construction and Demolition Waste Management Rules), Batteries (Management and Handling) Rules and PCB / MoEF&CC guidelines.

  • The primary focus of the waste management quantification and characterization of waste to reuse, recycle, and energy recovery from solid waste.
  • Scientific management of wastes to build technologically & economically viable waste management projects. principally depends upon selection of technologies, waste management infrastructure for common waste processing facilities especially for urban local bodies, industry or other agencies.
  • Waste management incorporating, detailed characterization, pre-treatment, bio-methanation, thermal treatment, residue management, product purification and utilization
  • Hazardous waste characterization as per the regulations and Process base waste minimization
  • Waste reduction by advanced chemical treatment processes and Reuse, recycle, and Processing
  • Siting, design and monitoring, Sanitary Landfill Site and Secure Landfill Site for Scientific disposal/management
  • Assessment of impacts, safety and performance assessment for Common Hazardous Waste Treatment, Storage, and Disposal facilities (TSDF)
  • Extended Producer Responsibility (EPR) preparation
  • Design/ supply of Organic Waste Composter for solid waste, vermicomposting for solid waste, incinerator for liquid waste, hazardous waste, Bio medical waste, Paper waste, plastic waste & waste management services etc.,

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