The project - activity / sectors, to whom mainly, we facilitate our products/ services to attain their sustainable development.

I. Mining, River Valley & Primary Processing

  • Mining of minerals including opencast / underground mining
  • River Valley projects
  • Coal washeries
  • Mineral beneficiation

II. Power Plant & Cement Industries

  • Thermal power plants
  • Cement plants

III. Manufacturing Industries

  • Metallurgical industries (ferrous & non-ferrous)
  • Petroleum refining industry
  • Coke oven plants
  • Asbestos milling and asbestos based products
  • Chlor-alkali industry
  • Soda ash Industry
  • Chemical fertilizers
  • Pesticides industry and pesticide specific intermediates (excluding formulations)
  • Petro-chemical complexes (industries based on processing of petroleum fractions & natural gas and/or reforming to aromatics)
  • Manmade fibers manufacturing
  • Petrochemical based processing (processes other than cracking & reformation and not covered under the complexes)
  • Synthetic organic chemicals industry (dyes & dye intermediates; bulk drugs and intermediates rubbers; basic organic chemicals, other synthetic organic chemicals and chemical intermediates)
  • Sugar Industry
  • Distilleries
  • Leather/skin/hide processing industry
  • Integrated paint industry
  • Pulp & paper industry excluding manufacturing of paper from wastepaper and manufacture of paper from ready pulp without bleaching

IV. Oil & Gas Exploration (Off- Shore, On-Shore), Service

  • Offshore and onshore oil and gas exploration, development & production
  • Oil & gas transportation pipeline (crude and refinery/ petrochemical products), passing through national parks/ sanctuaries/coral reefs / ecologically sensitive areas including LNG terminal
  • Isolated storage & handling of Hazardous chemicals (As per threshold planning quantity indicated in column 3 of schedule 2 & 3 of MSIHC Rules 1989 amended 2000)

V. Infrastructure Including Environmental Services

  • Industrial estates/ parks/ complexes/areas, export processing Zones(EPZs), Special Economic Zones(SEZs), Biotech Parks, Leather Complexes
  • Common hazardous waste treatment, storage and disposal facilities (TSDFs)
  • Common Effluent Treatment Plants (CETPs)
  • Common Municipal Solid Waste Management Facility (CMSWMF)
  • Common Bio-Medical Waste Treatment Facilities
  • Air ports
  • All ship breaking yards including ship breaking units
  • Ports, harbours, break waters and dredging
  • Highways,
  • Aerial ropeways

VI. Building and Large Construction, Township and Area Development

  • Building and construction projects
  • Townships and Area development projects

VII. Automobile, Food & Other Sectors

  • Automobile and Auto Components
  • Electroplating and Metal Coating
  • Electrical and Electronics including component industry
  • Glass and Ceramic Industry
  • Food Processing

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