BESPL carryout monitoring & laboratory analytical services to know the baseline concentration and to evaluate the efficacy of existing environment management system & scope of improvement.

Analytical Services for Air, Water, Wastewater, Soil etc.

  • Particulate matters & gaseous parameters analysis for Ambient Air Quality (AAQ)
  • Particulate matters & gaseous parameters analysis for Stationary sources (Flue Gas & Process Gas Stack/Vent)
  • Noise monitoring Leq estimation and reporting
  • Physico-chemical parameters analysis Water, wastewater samples
  • Physico-chemical analysis Solid, hazardous waste samples
  • Soil parameters analysis
  • Baseline environmental samples analysis for Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) studies
  • Meteorological parameters (wind speed, wind velocity, temperature, rainfall etc.) reporting as per the required format
  • Work place parameters analysis
  • Illuminance Light Level analysis in the workplace

Microbiological Analysis

  • Microbiological analysis
  • Phytoplankton & Zooplankton, Bathometry etc.
  • Bio-assay Test

Treatability Study

  • Treatability study also used for ETP designing and for improving the existing plants efficiency

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at any steps of your sustainable development journey.

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