BESPL carryout filed monitoring, sampling & analysis for various biotic and abiotic environmental components such, Air, water, noise, soil meteorological, terrestrial & aquatic biological, geology, geo-hydrology, ecological, work place etc.

Ambient Air Monitoring

  • Ambient Air Quality (AAQ) monitoring for PM & FPM
  • Ambient Air Quality (AAQ) monitoring for Gaseous parameters (SO₂, NO₂, NH₃, O₃, etc.)

Stack Emissions Monitoring

  • Stationary Sources, Flue Gas Stack monitoring and analysis
  • Process Gas Stack/Vent monitoring and analysis
  • Stack Velocity, Flow

Noise Monitoring

  • Noise Monitoring

Water & Wastewater Sampling

  • Surface Water, Ground water, Drinking Water
  • wastewater sampling

Solid waste Sampling

  • Solid, hazardous waste sampling

Soil Sampling

  • Soil sampling and analysis

Microbiological Sampling

  • Microbiological sampling
  • Phytoplankton & Zooplankton, Bathometry etc.

Meteorological Monitoring

  • Meteorological parameters (wind speed, wind velocity, temperature, rainfall etc.) monitoring

Work Place Monitoring

  • Work place monitoring
  • Illuminance (Light Levels) Measurement in the workplace

EIA Baseline Monitoring

  • Baseline monitoring for Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) studies
  • Ecology & Biodiversity, Land use ground trothing,
  • Geo-hydrological features

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