We conduct the Environmental & Social Impact Studies, and other related studies in line with statutory requirement as well as for sustainable development

Environmental Impact Assessment Studies & Management Plan

  • Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA)
  • Preparation and Presentation for the Environmental Public Hearing
  • Environmental Statutory Compliance Monitoring & Gap Analysis
  • Environmental Management Plan (EMP)
  • Feasibility Report (PFR/ DPR)
  • EMS Adequacy Study

Social Impact Studies & Management Plan

  • Social Impact Assessment Study (SIA)
  • Socio-economic Survey
  • Rehabilitation & Resettlements (R&R)

Land Use & Ecological Study

  • Land Use /Land Cover, Remote Sensing study
  • Ecology & Biodiversity Study - Terrestrial & Aquatic Ecosystem

Geology, Hydrogeological & Impact Assessment Study W.R.T. Ground Water Abstraction

  • Geology & Geo-hydrology, drainage patterns contour & Soil mapping
  • Hydrogeological report inclusive Comprehensive report on groundwater condition/ situation
  • Impact Assessment Report w.r.t. existing/ proposed withdrawal on Ground Water Regime including Socio-Economic impacts

We would be happy for furnishing our EHS assistance
at any steps of your sustainable development journey.

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